Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How are you managing your iOS Devices?

As Digital Literacy Resource Teachers, we see a lot of different styles of management for the iOS devices that are out in schools.  We're consistently asked for ideas for how to manage them best.  The challenge is that iPads and iPod Touches are designed to be single-user devices and most often in our school settings, these tools are being shared among students and/or classes.  When you have a few iPads in a school, an interested teacher generally takes over management of the iPads, and things work out pretty well.  However, when you increase the number of devices in a school, the management becomes much more complex as devices and apps require updating and configuration.  In terms of managing the iPads and apps, schools that manage them tighter (i.e. only one person able to add remove apps, restrictions locked down, etc.), seem to be more successful.

Apple has a tool (Apple Configurator) that is designed to manage the deployment of larger numbers of iPads.  Unfortunately, it requires that users be integrated into the Volume Purchasing Plan and we aren't there yet as a board.

What are you doing in your school?  Do you have any suggestions for managing your iPads?  Success stories that you'd like to share?  Hard-won advice on "What not to do"?  Please use the comments section to share your thoughts.